We develop Technology for an efficient Future and are moving towards a world where there can be Quantum Supremacy

GelsoTech is at the forefront of innovation and positively contributes to the future by carefully integrating cutting edge technology and scientific advances to the real world. We have created a team of highly skilled scientists, mathematicians, classical and quantum physicists, programmers and experts in the field of quantitative finance that are capable of converting an abstract mathematical concept to code.

We deliver to our clients complete solutions by taking care of not only the mathematical and numerical modelling aspects of the project but also of the full IT architectural design and the creation of the interface completely integrated within the processes of their company.

We have proven experience in delivering highly complex projects and are known for:

  • Improving the performance and numerical precision of classical algorithms utilized by our clients
  • Giving the opportunity to our clients to explore the possibility of achieving quantum advantage by applying our quantum mechanics plugins to their classical algorithms
  • Giving complete information to our clients and guide them towards the best course of action in order to be competitive in a world where technology matters
  • Experienced Developers, System Integration and Cloud Engineers for all type of industry verticals
  • Total ownership of the solution


Classical and Quantum algorithms

we have the skills to implement classical and quantum sole and hybrid solutions. In particular some of the skills present in our team are: Quantum optimisation algorithms, Computer algebra for finding solutions to high energy physics, quantum physics and quantum mechanics, Variational Quantum algorithms, Quantum approximation optimisation problems, Eigensolvers, tensor networks, quantum walk PD distributions and graph topology, quantum fields and quantum applications in fixed and mobile communications, MCMC applications in AI using quantum sampling techniques

Big Data Analytics, A.I & Machine Learning

Our solutions help in gaining useful knowledge from vast quantities of digital data where machine learning tools can be particularly valuable. Experience in Big Data Processing and distributed computing tools such as APACHE HIVE, SPARK, HADOOP, YARN, HDFS, NSD servers for GPFS File systems

Experience in developing Big Data visualization tools for understanding all kinds of information as Multi-dimensional model visualization applications and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Development of AI methods to make decisions using mathematics and identify patterns, relationships and trends in data in order to capitalize on the increasing quantities of data that are becoming valuable

Statistical Modelling and Simulations

With the help of our statisticians and mathematicians we are capable of developing models useful for understanding patterns in large amount of data with many problems falling within the Big Data Category Classic.

We are capable of developing classic and not classic multivariate models, applications with R, models with heteroskedastic and correlated errors, non-linear models, outlier treatment, probabilistic analysis, pattern recognition, nearest neighbors, models with underlying stochastic processes, Fourier and PCA for reducing intensity of computations and factors, non linear models, cluster and time series analysis, finite element, finite volume and finite difference analysis.

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